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Stream Globe Theatre Shakespeare Performances

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Little known fact: for a year, I trained as an actor at a local Phoenix academy. One of my favorite classes, though they were all great and helped me immensely in self discovery and my professional life, was my Shakespeare course. I've always loved the Bard, and even got to see the Globe Theatre on the South Bank in London. In my graduate studies, Shakespeare's work has been hugely influential. So, imagine my joy when I saw that you can stream performances from the Globe-- for a small fee.

There is some free content on the Globe Player, including some behind the scenes content you wouldn't see as a groundling watching at the actual theatre on the Thames. Some content is more expensive than some, but there are some bundles you can purchase if you want to spend a lot of time taking in some of the most famous plays in history! If you're looking for a culturally rich source of professional arts material, especially for a homeschool classroom (or hey, a traditional one when school opens again), I can't recommend this enough to anyone with any interest in the performing arts.

Photo: Pixabay