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Student Denied Diploma For Wearing Mexican Flag Over Graduation Gown

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This is the moment a graduating senior's diploma was revoked because he wore a Mexican flag over his gown:

Ever Lopez is shown crossing the podium proudly at Asheboro High School in North Carolina before being halted by Penny Crooks.

According to reports, he was instructed to remove the flag, and when he proceeded to do so, the audience began to cheer before realizing what was happening.

Those shouts quickly turned to boos, prompting Lopez to exit the stage with his flag draped over his shoulders as other staff members patted him on the back.

Mr Lopez's cousin, Adolfo Hurtado, was filming the ceremony and afterwards said: "Regrettably, he did not receive the diploma. 

The teacher expects him to apologize, which he certainly will not do."

After the graduation ceremony, Mr Lopez's family members expressed their concerns in another video. 

However, before the family is led out of the facility, Crooks tells them that they can 'come back tomorrow.'

According to a statement on the school's website, they strongly support our students' demonstrations of their ancestry at the proper time and place,' but displaying a flag during graduation is a breach of the dress code.

"In the previous two years, we have permitted students to adorn their mortar boards as a testament to their individuality and creativity," the statement continued. 

However, we made it very clear to students that this was the ONLY permitted variation from the traditional cap and gown uniform.

"Unfortunately, in light of the incident that occurred last night, we will now be reevaluating that choice for future senior classes."

The school went on to explain that it is still working with the student and his family to ensure that he receives his diploma, adding, "He has worked extremely hard, and we congratulate him on this amazing success." We have faith in his ability and believe he has a bright future."

Asheboro High School issued an update, claiming that the incident had been misrepresented.' 

"The heart of the issue is that the student did not respect the specified dress code for the event, which detracted from the importance and seriousness of the ceremony," it continued.

"Our clothing rule is in place to maintain the event's respect and fairness to all pupils." 

Graduation is a momentous occasion, and it is highly unfair for one person to detract from it by breaching the dress code.

The school published the following to summarise some 'facts': "This incident has nothing to do with the Mexican flag. 

Students were invited to personalize their mortarboards by adorning them. 

Several kids followed the rules and showed the Mexican flag and other acceptable displays during the event."