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Success : A Long Process

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I am not sure if you need this article or not, I am not telling you that I have made it to the major leagues, but I know you will resonate with my element if you strive hard and fail multiple times. You have the fire in you, you try ever time, despite that, you fail(obviously not fail in the long term, but in your attempt). You consume great stuff on the internet: podcasts, YouTube, and everything motivational. But that smug friend of yours, who works hard half as much as you, does it all. He has friends, he spends most of his time partying and binge-watching on Netflix. Still, he is successful.  My story is no different than yours. But my failures have brought me up to certain realizations that would not be there had I succeeded. I will keep updating these blogs as I perceive my life from different angles. For now, I will share some realizations that I have come to witness with time :

1. You have really big goals in life: That’s the hard part that comes with dreaming and aspiring big, there is a much bigger chance of failing. I know this because of having seen people with smaller dreams than mine, they have greater chances of being successful at it, while you are not even appreciated for doing your work sincerely and fighting for your dreams, they are celebrated for having done a better job at being successful. But it is OKAY, as Sadhguru (An Indian Mystic) says :

“ Oh! I am a big failure. So, because of what my goals are. I know I will die without fulfilling them. And it is my wish and blessing to everybody, That all of you should die without fulfilling your goals. That means your goals must be so large that The work you do till the end of your life, the next generation should be able to pick it up and be able to complete it.”

2. You have too many dreams, you work on many things at once, or none at all: You have a cluttered mind, you are ambitious. You want to work at Google, You want to be studying at Harvard or IIM-A, You want to be a businessman, You want to study abroad, You just have too many things on your plate. Mark it up: If you change your focus very often, you are not going anywhere. It is very important for you to realize that you have been making a blunder running into too many things. Your goals have to come true if you stay focused on them. You miss your chances, losing your mind at many things, stick to it once you are at it.

3. You have subconscious beliefs about yourself which makes you think you can’t: You have dreams and everything, but not even once in your life, you feel like you have achieved something. Failure helps you become stronger, but success helps you reinforce the trust that you have in your abilities. It is your mental makeup which helps you get through the hard times. You must do really small things which can succeed at, it helps you to have the faith in yourself that is required to do the harder things. You can only climb Mt. Everest if you accomplished smaller peaks before. Find and use different tools to reinforce the confidence in yourself, the Internet is a really wonderful place if you look at it that way. As Robin Sharma says :

“Small daily — seemingly insignificant — improvements and innovations lead to staggering achievements over time.”

4. You are driven by passion, you suck at routine tasks:

Having worked for a website development role, I have come to terms with the fact that I need something stimulating. I am a person who works the best with a set vision and a set of challenges. I love overcoming obstacles. This is my DNA. Simply making a workable website is not my kind of thing, there is more to my story. I am more of the kind of person who would use that website for a specific goal.

5. You have a deeper intuition about your success and you know that you will be there sooner or later:

Despite all the challenges that you have in your life, there is a deeper understanding of the challenges being the means to an end and not merely an end to your struggles. The challenges that come always have something to teach me, be it some shortcoming or any improvement required in my learning process. I somehow know that there is something greater that’s coming, despite failing multiple times, I know that my core as a person is strengthening day by day. Let’s see where this is headed. I know I have hardly revealed anything about myself, I will keep you posted on that and what comes next.