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Success mantras

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You must be wondering that how energy

is related to success or how if someone has more energy then his/her chances to succeed is more. Also, I am not talking about the energy you get when you eat food. I am talking about internal energy. Do not confuse this internal energy with excitement or motivation, it is something beyond that. Let us take a situation, consider 2 tires of a vehicle one are deflated and other is normal. Who runs better? The answer is the normal one because it is filled with air. The same thing applies to our life. A more energetic person discover more possibilities than the one who has less energy. The prime example of this energy is Virat Kholi. We can see how energetic he is when he is playing. You can also tell whether the person is energetic or not by simply looking at their body language. You can also attain this energy if you start practising it daily.