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Sundays Are For Reading: Retellings

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What if Alice was from Wonderland, got abandoned in our world, and convinced she was crazy and that Wonderland never existed, but then she finds it again and has to reconcile everything she believes? Well, there's a book series like that called 'The Looking Glass Wars'.

What happened after Alice tumbled down the rabbit hole and someone first discovered her missing? Well, Gregory Maguire tells that tale in 'After Alice,' following Alice's friend, Ada, who tumbled down the hole after her.

The point I'm making here is that retellings, while you would think are derivative and a work of an author who can't come up with their own story, are actually some of the most interesting, imaginative, and quality books I have ever read. I mean a retelling gave us 'Wicked,' one of Broadway's most notable plays which was based on a book also written by Gregory Maguire.

Retellings take so much creativity and imagination because you have to maintain the elements of the story that can classify it as retelling the story, but also make it different, interesting, and within your own style enough to keep your audience interested. Long story short, read all the retellings you can get your hands on. That's where some of the best storytelling lies.

Stack of retellings and editions of Alice in Wonderland.

Stack of retellings and editions of Alice in Wonderland.