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People will believe in human beings, this is the eternal truth. Then superstition like irrationalness never seems to be good.

Anything that is not easily rescued, it should be understood by all of us. In order to be rescued, it is necessary to have knowledge about his various experiments. But if suddenly a stranger says, if you listen to everything I say, then you will be completely free from all diseases. Just have to believe. And two such strangers, Kalumama of our village believed. Those two people came to our village from Bahrampur. Wearing a pale dhoti Punjabi, with a red tip on his forehead, a young man in his thirties. He has a small mirror in his hand, another one of that age who has a thick bamboo stick in his hand. The man is wearing a white fatwa on his dhoti and a red tip on his forehead. Seeing the amazing power of the man wearing the dhoti Punjabi, we ten people, men and women, gathered around him. Some people from nearby houses started peeping. And Kalumama also came and appeared. Then it will be eight in the morning of summer. At this point the man wearing the dhoti Punjabi, holding the small mirror in front of his eyes with his right hand, instructed his companion. Now find out. The companion then began to grope behind the man, in the bush, in the bush, in the forest full of banana, mango, and supuri trees, with a bamboo twig stick. As if looking for something. And Manasa is singing Mars songs in her mouth. Where Palali snake kills Lakshindre, I will be punished, you will catch it right now. Meanwhile, the man wearing dhoti Punjabi, looking in the mirror, said to his companion, look carefully, look at the base of the banana tree. I can see in the mirror, running away. Hold on, hold on. Now hold on. Hurry up and run away. The man immediately put the stick under the snake's belly and hung the living snake like a rope. I didn't think the snake was very fast. Is moving. Fana is also raising. Then the man grabbed the tail of the snake, put his head in a snake basket and pressed it with the lid of the basket, the snake went in, and pressed the lid well. Thus in the whole village, ten snakes were caught in different places. How much more knowledge do we have? The whole thing surprised us. On top of that, Kalumama asked, "You can see everything in the mirror, we can't see anything." The man said to Kalumama, these sadhana babu. You will see what I see in this mirror, so where will your difference be with me. All is the grace of Kamakhya Devi. That is our strength. As I look in the mirror, I will instruct my partner to catch the snake. And this is what you saw before your eyes. Kalumama asked again, "How long will you catch snakes?" The man said, "Every day we catch snakes, from eight to ten in the morning." No more snakes after ten. Because then the goddess Kamakhya is worshiped. Kalumama was so surprised that he began to speak his mind. Ms. We also saw snakes, wearing lungi, wearing genji, tying towels on their heads, playing beans, making holes with shovels, pulling snakes out, putting them in baskets. But I have never seen anyone with such amazing powers. He says he can't see everything in the mirror. Then you also know Tantra mantra, you also keep medicine, you can also cure the disease! The man said yes I can. What is your problem, if all is said openly, I can cure the disease with a guarantee. Kalumama was going to tell something to the man holding the mirror holding the dhoti Punjabi about his disease. Go to your house. Talk at home. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Tanahle increases the danger. Kalumama took the man, entered the tiled house with four walls made of clay and closed the door. And the second man sat on the hill near the door. Kalumama was so eager to say something to the man that no one around him, mother, father, uncle, sister, noticed what he saw. About an hour later, the man and his companion left the house, saluting Kalumama. They never looked at the people of Kalumama's house in the vicinity. But at that moment, in Kalumama's eyes, a change was noticed. The sincerity that was there before is no more. Some thoughts seem to be in vivo. Her father asked, "When are you going to Kiri? It's time." Kalumama said softly, "Yes, yes, I will go out this time." Accompanied by Kalumama's cousin Shankar, he has already reached the bus stand. At this bus stand, only one bus travels. Comes at nine in the morning, leaves at half past nine. They come again at three in the afternoon, leave at three and a half. That is why they did not get a bus in the morning as usual. So they were forced to go to the market where they would shop, and they reached in an hour by horse carriage. My cousin paid for the horse-drawn carriage. In fact, Kalumama's sister got married. So they are marketing a little earlier. He will wear whatever clothes he needs today, and he will keep the gold jewelry market. At first they went to the gold shop. Buy clothes later. On the occasion of the wedding, he chose all the gold ornaments that he needed. Kalumama was shocked when he went to take money out of his pocket to pay the price to the shopkeeper. There is no money in the pocket. Kalumama sat at the shop with her head in her hands. He is a matter of a lot of money! The shopkeepers were also shocked, Shankar was also panicked. After a while, Kalumama explained to the shopkeeper about the difficulty of money, took Shankar out and said, Shankar is defeated! Now the way! Let's go to the police station quickly I will go there and tell everything. Kalumama went to the police station and told the officer everything. The story of the two men catching snakes and what happened after they went home, when Kalumama told the snake wearing some dhoti Punjabi about some of his diseases, first of all, the man who was sitting outside the door, opened the door. With a snake, he closed the door again. Kalumamato was about to jump first, then the snake said, Lafiona Babu, this is the blessing snake of Kamakhya Devi. You have nothing to fear. No harm done. Kalumama sat quietly, scared, with a snake in her throat. The snake was moving, so he felt very uncomfortable. And for the snake to get rid of the disease slowly, the roots should be soaked in water every night, drinking the water in the morning, the disease will be cured. And sprayed him with something like water. Then he fainted. Kalumama could understand something in her sleep. He lowered the snake from his throat and said to him, "Babu, give me the right one." Kalumama put his hand in his pocket and handed the bundle tied to the handkerchief to the snake. The bundle was full of money to buy jewelry. He was in the house for a long time in that relaxed state. Then they did not know when they left. The OC of the police station, after receiving all the reports, just said, someone does such stupidity one day! There are doctors, not snakes, to cure the disease. A little while ago, someone like you reported that the same thing had happened in this neighborhood. Let's see! They started walking with the OC. As soon as he went to the jail, Kalumama shouted to the OC, "Yes sir, that is the man wearing the dhoti Punjabi, and his companion." Kalumama regained her composure with her hands on her chest. He hopes the money will at least be available. If you want to read this story in bengali then click this link.