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Suspect in Nashville Bombing Identified

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Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, is being investigated in connection to the bombing that happened in Nashville, Tennessee on Christmas day. Senior federal law enforcement officials confirmed that they are looking into Warner as a suspect for the person who is responsible for t he bombing, although they are still investigating other leads. Warner was identified through Google street view, his address shows an RV that identically matched the one that was used in the attack this week.

Police stated that they are considering the blast an "intentional act" in which a number of buildings were demolished and three people were injured. Nashville Police Chief John Drake confirmed that they found tissue after the explosion that could be human remains, currently the tissue is being examined and more will be known in the future.

The bombing damaged an AT&T building which caused planes to temporarily ground at Nashville International Airport and 911 emergency services were disrupted. Two temporary cell towers have been installed by AT&T downtown to provide support for portable services that were needed on site. Not much is known about the motive behind the blast yet. At 5:30 a.m., officers responded to the RV which had a speaker system that was broadcasting an imminent explosion and telling people to evacuate the area. Officers helped clear the area and managed to get almost everyone to safety. Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee has requested Donald Trump declare a state of emergency, "The severity and magnitude if the current situation is such that effective response is beyond the capabilities of the State and affected local governments." he said.