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Suspicious Call To 911 Unravels An Illegal Marijuana Operation

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Pueblo County

Pablo County Sherriff Deputies busted a massive illegal marijuana operation which took place when they tracked a weird 911 call.

Deputies state that all this took place when they traced the incomplete call on 911 around 1:30 P.M. in the early afternoon. During the short call, a woman was heard whispering which ignited the suspiciousness of the Pueblo County deputies.

The County Sheriff’s Communication Center tracked the call which lead them to a home located in the 1300 Block of the Keymar Place near E. Platteville Boulevard.

However the caller’s identity is still unknown.

Upon reaching the address, the deputies came in contact with a 56-year-old Weiguang Fong who was the only one found in the house.


Fong, who was related to China, claimed with the help of translator that he was not the one who called 911. With his permission, deputies searched his house.

Deputies didn’t find anyone in the house, however, they found the weed plants in his basement upon which Wong justified that they were for his wife’s medical treatment.

Nevertheless, when police issued search warrant to Weiguang Fong, they found 274 marijuana plants along with 60 pounds of sealed dried product which was worth almost 300,000$.


As a result, Weiguang Fong was taken under arrest and is now in Pueblo County Jail.