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Taal Volcano Eruption Causes Evacuation of Thousands

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TALISAY, PHILIPPINES -- Taal Volcano, considered the second most active of the Philippines 24 active volcanoes, is now erupting, causing mass evacuations and closures in the surrounding areas. Plans to evacuate 200,000 people are underway, and local businesses and schools are closed until the danger passes.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology has stated that the volcano may potentially experience a land-focused eruption in the next few days, and has raised the volcano alert status from level one to four in less than a day. The steam eruptions have created 52 volcanic earthquakes so far. As of now, 6,000 people around Taal have been evacuated, and all flights cancelled "until further notice." Ash has accumulated so thickly on airport ramps and roads that even travel in the area is dangerous. It has been reported that trees have even fallen from the ash alone, and visibility is extremely poor.

The volcano is just one of 452 volcanoes on the Pacific "Ring of Fire," which has some of the highest volcanic and seismic activity in the world. Tens of thousands of miles of trenches and volcanic belts make the Ring of Fire, and the Philippines, the site of near constant volcanic activity and earthquakes, and prone to natural disasters.

Photo: Pixabay