Taiwan referendums: Same-sex marriage advocates lost

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The country I come from called Taiwan. It's a small island located in Asian subtropical area with beautiful landscape and amazing foods. I love my country, though we lost our same-sex marriage referendums two days ago.

During the past two years, there's been an important political issue in Taiwan: legalizing same-sex marriage. In this post I am not going to discuss this topic in a psychoanalytic or political aspects because I don't want to get things too complicated in a short post. I just want to let more and more people know that there're a tons of heterosexual Taiwanese who are fighting for the homosexual. Although we all feel heartbroken due to the result of this referendums, we need to stand up and fight again until we succeed. This road is never easy to walk on.

I found a really inspiring post on FB, and I just translated some of it into English for you guys who can't read Chinese. I hope his words can give courage to people who are facing difficulties or stuck in life.

I saw there're many young people who feel frustrated because your belief of equality is not acknowledged by most people. Perhaps it's due to the different concepts of different generations or some bias from different parties, so your belief cannot pass through the referendums this time. You feel sad, I know. You feel frustrated, I know. You feel angry, I understand. But then? Are you going to give up? Are you going to leave here? Are you going to abandon all? Damn, then what's the difference between those voters who blocks same-sex marriage and you?


Don't let yourself become the kind of person you do not wish to be.


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