Taking MBTA is not save anymore!

Salem, MA Salem

Have you ever think about bringing something to protect yourself when you taking public transportation for daily commute? The day after Halloween, in the late afternoon, this crazy guy was challenging other passengers to fight with knife on MBTA Commuter Rail train in Salem.

According to MBTA transit police, this guy named Christopher Leclerc, 25, of Salem, was charged with assault by means of a dangerous weapon (the knife) and possession of Class E drugs.

Witnesses told police Leclerc was “intimidating passengers, challenging people to fist fights, consuming alcohol,” and getting in passengers’ “personal space.” When a man on the train asked Leclerc to stop, Leclerc allegedly took out the knife and threatened to hurt him.

Maybe I should start to consider carrying pepper spray with me everyday from now on...

Inbound Exits Salem Tunnel ( source: NERail )

Inbound Exits Salem Tunnel

Christopher Leclerc ( source: Salem news )

Christopher Leclerc

Salem news


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