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Taylor Swift Released Another 'Folklore' Album Chapter

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Taylor Swift has been ruling the Billboard 200 Chart as #1 album, unmoving, for the past 4 weeks, but that doesn't seem to be enough for the pop star of the century. After the release of her album Folklore on July 24 of this year, she put out an extended version of the 16-track record featuring the bonus track "the lakes." She followed that up on August 21 by releasing a surprise compilation chapter of songs already on her album titled The Escapism Chapter, followed by The Sleepless Nights Chapter (Aug. 24).

The chapters reimagine the Folklore album, grouping different tracks together to form a story as their own mini-album tale. The newest mini-album release was titled The Saltbox House Chapter (Aug. 27), featuring the tracks "the last great american dynasty," "august," "the 1," "seven," "peace," and "betty."

Some fans are guessing that the meaning behind the Saltbox House compilation comes from an actual New England style saltbox house, which typically has one level story in the back of the house and two stories in the front of it. The reference to the house gives new meaning to the songs compiled in the chapter, as some of them explore the themes of affairs, apologies, and history, which can oftentimes be told by unreliable narrators. There is always a side of the story that is hidden. 

Overall, Swift's album has received great reviews, some claiming that this was her best work yet. Many fans of the artist are absolutely ecstatic that the singer seems to be going back to her singer/songwriter style that attracted her fame and success when she was first starting out. The album Folklore has become her first album to ever receive the 'Universal Acclaim' status on Metacritic.