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Technology and understanding it.

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I love to hear experts talk about complex technologies, all the time. Many of them are excellent communicators, educators, and many are undoubtedly unmatched in their respective fields. It is exceptional and impressive to watch experts at work. Now here's the catch, many of the experts frequently use sentences like -

- "Your job is simple. Just don't be stupid."

- "It's so easy. Why can't you understand such trivial stuff?"

- "Oh goodness, how many times do I have to repeat it?"

- "why don't you get it still? It's basic."

And I used to agree with these statements. Of course you should have basic understanding of how a computer works; way before you apply for a job that requires you to use a computer. It's common sense.

Time passed and I grew up noticing and observing my surroundings learning more and more about the world as well as people and I realized something.

All the knowledge and wisdom is clearly accumulated over a period of time under certain conditions and through specific mediums by people's curiosity, drive, etc. So if learning consists of so many variables, what does basic understanding mean? If a technology is basic for me, it might as well be expert-level knowledge for someone else. How do we draw the line? And more importantly, should we?