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Teen Threatens to Assault an Elderly Man on a Packed Train, Cowers When Passengers Step in to Stop Him

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A teenager threatened to assault an elderly man after the man told him to stop swearing while traveling on a packed train. Passengers were commuting from Bondi Junction to Central Station in Sydney on Wednesday when the teenager stood up and told the elderly man he was going to ‘crack’ him.


The teen is heard saying in a video shared of the incident, “What the f**k are you gonna do?” The passenger is seen towering over the old man who repeatedly tells him to ‘shut up.’ The teen continued, “Arc up to me d**khead and I’ll crack you.” Another passenger stormed through the train before grabbing the teen by the throat and said, “What did you say? What did you say? Who are you gonna crack?” The passenger then shoved the teen to his seat. The footage shows the teen cowering in his chair while other passengers demanded he leaves the train. The passenger said, “Get off the train you donkey. You gonna hit an old man you piece of s**t? Why don’t you hit me?” Another man is seen calmly telling the teenager to leave the train, but he refuses to do so.

NSW Police told Daily Mail Australia they are aware of the video circulating online and are currently making inquiries. Daily Mail Australia is not suggesting that any other people pictured in the video were involved in the incident.

Source: Daily Mail