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Telecommuting is the Future -- is your Company Embracing it?

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Remote freelance work is becoming a reality for many in the workforce, but is telecommuting on the rise for regular positions? A new report from the Society for Human Resources Management seems to suggest that this may be the case. Many companies seem to be seeing the light when it comes to offering flexible work environments.

According to the report, ad hoc telecommuting is up 15% since 2015, a notable increase. As much as 27% of the studied companies offered telecommuting as a full time option. So clearly, in recent years these companies view the work life balance more realistically, even if leave requirements have remained almost the same.

Are companies still relocating employees? What about business travel? SHRM reports that "organizations whose comfort with remote work increases may find that they can also reduce business travel and even moving/relocation expenses by embracing remote collaboration. Reimbursement for moving expenses must now be reported as income by employees, reducing the real value of moving benefits for employees and the appeal of moving benefits as a recruiting tool." There's a great incentive for business owners, especially those working internationally, to consider the switch.

Telecommuting isn't just for freelance workers anymore, but a viable option for businesses looking to decrease travel expenses and create more attractive benefits packages.

Photo: Pixabay