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"Terror in The Sky"

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Real terror happens around us every day—in our country, our town, city, or even our backyard. Murders, disappearances, paranormal & supernatural sightings, demonic possession, bigfoot, and other cryptic sightings (I do believe in a number of these circumstances only because I had my own encounters in Ticonderoga, New York. I will tell the story in another posting.) Worship—these aren't stories from a writer's mind, they're headlines ripped right from the news: Sack in 1975 near Mexico, was a young 20-year-old pilot. He was flying around 10,000 feet on a beautiful clear day in the afternoon, when suddenly without warning, he found himself in a very unusual situation. 

An immediate sense of dread overcame him, and the sensation of someone watching him made him turn his head to the left side of his wing of the plane. What he observed made him shiver with fear. 

Carlos saw a disc-shaped flying object approximately 4 meters in length, hovering above his left-wing. Moments later, an identical dread of terror came back. And now, on his right side of his small plane, an identical-looking object emerged, flying over the right-wing. 

Suddenly, Carlos no longer had control of his small craft, and regardless of how hard he tried to turn the plane, he could not obtain control of it. Something almost supernatural controlled his small plane. Was it the two smaller disc-shaped UFOs beside him? 

Now more trouble arose. Directly in front of his plane, was a huge larger-looking craft. It was headed straight for Carlos's plane. Carlos tried turning his plane to avoid a major head-on collision with the flying-disc. But it was no use, and instead of colliding directly into his aircraft, the larger UFO skimmed the bottom of his airplane, causing a loud crash sound. What is going on thought Carlos? Who are they? What do they want from me? 

After this incident, Carlos's plane began rising in altitude every 500 hundred feet. Carlos thought the end was near. He prayed to God they would leave him alone and vanish from his sight. 

Finally, not too long afterward, the plane slowly descended to safer grounds. And, Carlos, who was scared out of his mind, was eventually able to fly his craft to safety.