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Thailand : Between 3000 & 5000 year old skeleton discoverd

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At almost preserved whale skeleton though to be between 3,000 and 5,000 year old has been discovered in Thailand.

Researchers are hopeful that the Whale could provide '' a window into the past ''.The 12m (39ft) long is thought to be that of the Bryde's whale. There are a few whale subfossil's in Asia and even fewer once are in good condition.

The skeleton's head alone is estimated to be about 3m in length. The skeleton will also provide information about the "paleontological and geological condition at that time, including sea level estimation, types of sediments, and contemporary biological condition at that time. 

The borns are yet to be carbon-dated to determine the exact age, with the result expected in december.The skeleton was founded off the current coastline in Samut Sakhon.Bryde's whales, which live worldwide in warm temperate and tropical waters, are still found in the water around Thailand Today.

The gulf of thailand has an interesting history in the last 10,000 years, the biologist point out, with sea level possibly up to 4m higher than today and active tectonic activity.