Thanks For Ruining My Brunch With Your Boobs!

Somerville, MA Fat Hen

Listen, I am a woman and I am going to say that I really do NOT want to see a woman's breast before I have had my coffee. I really don't understand why women think just because they have a baby, that everyone has to see their boobs. We have zero choice in the matter because their baby is hungry. I get that you want to breastfeed but bring a bottle out with your own milk if that's what you need to do. I did not come to brunch to see a baby sucking on your breasts. They weren't even good boobs so I totally lost my appetite and can't get the image out of my head. I feel like mothers these days are so entitled and don't seem to care what anyone around them thinks. It is rude. Cover your boobs with a scarf or go in the bathroom! Period.

 ( source: Pinky McKay )

Pinky McKay


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