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The Basiliks : A Detour

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Date: 03/07/1961

I was called on the bridge during my lunch break, we received a message from another vessel going back to New York, stating that if we continue on our course, we may encounter a storm system and possible hurricane. After discussing with the first and second officer we plotted a new course as stated below:

At 15:00 hours the ship will sail south, deviating from its straight path and circling around the reported hurricane, and then continue towards the destination.

I duly wish to report that the Second Officer firmly suggested to cancel the cruise and head back.

As per estimation, The cruise will only be delayed by 6 hours and we will have enough fuel to execute the new course.


Day 2

I have never been this frustrated in my entire life. Why doesn't the Captain listen to me? I know I am not a navigator, but any sailor can tell how close we are going to sail to that dreaded triangle. I lost Rick in that God-forsaken place and I do not wish to end up the same. Nobody listens to me, not my crewmates nor those pesky kids always trying to sneak into the engine deck. Never knew being the Head Engineer would be such a headache.

Captain had asked me to file a report regarding the malfunctioning engine. I do not know what to report, I did manage to seal the leakage on the side, but during my inspection, I noticed a part of the steam tube covered with rust.

It is impossible for the inspection crew from the company to miss this.. did they ignored it on purpose? The way business is going, no wonder they overlooked this as the trip delay might cause the company a huge fortune.

I made a point to check it again the next morning before filling the report. I just hope everything goes right.