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The Bathroom Cleaning Hack I Can't Believe I Lived Without

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I'm sure I'm not the only one to ever audibly groan at the prospect of cleaning my bathroom. But, because I'm not willing to live in the filth that my bathroom seems to miraculously produce, I used to drag my lazy rear to the porcelain palace, scrub brush and bleach in hand. The counters weren't so bad. Neither were the mirror and sink, and even the toilet didn't take long. But because of the hard water in my area, I might spend hours scrubbing off the tiny patches of mineral deposits on my shower walls. By the end, my back screamed, and my rubber gloves hands ached fiercely.

Enter my father. Ever the utilitarian cleaner, he heard about my struggle to scrub the grout between the shower tiles, cursing into the ceramic, so he made one simple suggestion:

"Why don't you use a mop?"

Of course, I was sure it wouldn't work. A sponge mop? In the shower? Preposterous! It would never get the limescale off. But I adorned my mop with a brand new scrubbing sponge attachment, and took it into battle. I could not believe my eyes.

In just 15 minutes, the scale was GONE. For the first time, I stared proudly at my clean shower with a completely painless back and ungnarled hands. It's such a small trick, but try it out. I promise you, you'll never go back.

Photo: Pixabay