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The Best Online Game to Play With Friends

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Everyone loves Cards Against Humanity. After all, it's the ultimate party game, and easily the funniest, most inappropriate party game. But with all of this social distancing, we're not allowed to get together in groups so it feels like playing board games is a distant dream right now.

But did you know there's an online platform that has all of the Cards Again Humanity cards ever made? In an online server called "Pretend You're Xyzzy", you can create your own game to invite friends to, and through the online server judges will be picked in order, you'll get your cards, and you'll throw them in the ring like any Cards Against Humanity game. The one added benefit is when you get blank cards you get to fill in the blank on the fly, unlike when you play the actual game where you often fill in the blank cards outside of actual gameplay, typically.

In times like these, finding anyway to have fun and still connect with your friends is vitally important. Isolation and distancing, even if you live with someone else, can take a heavy toll on our psyche,s so we need to actively champion our own mental health by making the effort to hang out even if it's online.

Check out the game here!

Image from Brett Jordan on Unsplash.