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The Best QR Code Designs for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is taking the world by storm. It's likely people who didn't care about picking up the game prior to the pandemic got it solely for it's ability to suck you in for hours at a time: a great game to pass the long days with. The game has only been out for five days, so players are still discovering all the fun things to do and new ways to be creative.

One of the long-running features of the game, that's been around since the first game, is drawing your own designs to wear as clothes or put up as decorations in your home. But not all of us are great artists, and mastering the art of pixelated drawing on a 32 by 32 grid is not easy. So lucky for those of us who aren't artistically inclined, there are 500+ QR codes available online from past and current games to scan and download into your game from the Nintendo Switch App.

While there are many, many designs to scan, here are a few of my personal favorites to give you an idea of the options they have:

-The Tenth Doctor's outfit from Doctor Who

-All four sets of robes for the Hogwarts houses

-The GameCube Logo

-Various Nintendo characters, including Mario, Luigi, Pikachu, and more

-Classic Batman and Modern Batman

-Disney Princesses like Anna, Elsa, Ariel and Belle

-Final Fantasy outfits

-Skyrim outfits

The list goes on! Those are some of my favorites, but I haven't even explored the full 500+ possibilities yet.

To see the entire exhaustive list, check out this vide from NerdAttack on YouTube!

Image from NerdAttack's video on Youtube.