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The Best Thing to Come From Football

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So, "Bears" is trending online right now - a pretty obvious reference to the Bears-Raiders game that took place today in London, which the Chicago team lost 24-21. However, while I was ready to just ignore this piece of news because ~sports~ I then saw that while "Bears" is trending because of the game, an amazing piece of news, unrelated to football, fell into the mix as well.

According to Bloomberg, China is breeding giant pigs the size of polar bears, and according to Twitter, this obviously belongs under the "Bears" tweets flooding the Internet from sports fans everywhere. The polar bear-sized pigs are a result of China's pork shortage and one way that farmers are trying to find a solution to it. "Bigger is better," is a familiar ideal to us that is beginning to spread across their country when it comes to meat consumption. This is all very strange, but it felt important in a way that I'll surely forget about in a few days.

Large pig in China ( source: Reuters )

Large pig in China


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