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The bird's know that

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I don't know if the baby pigeon understood or not. Then it seemed like the burning sensation of hunger and the urge to go back to your loved ones, and what to do about it, his mother, father, taught him that knowledge.

But how can I say strictly! One day I saw a dove flying with something in its mouth. Green garden on the small open balcony next to my house. The bird sat down at the base of a tub tree on one side and left the straw. The next day while cleaning the garden, I threw away the straw.

A couple of days later, in front of the door, at the base of a tub of an ash tree, I saw some straw. Then a dilemma arose in my mind. There must be something wrong. That's exactly what I thought! That afternoon, the truth came to my eyes. That dove is sitting on that haystack. It is as if it is holding so many treasures with its feet. My wife went to match the wet clothes on the rods at the top of the balcony, she didn't think she could catch the bird with her hands. But she had to come and go close to her body, but she didn't notice any signs of movement. Seeing this situation, my daughter and I also became curious. I went to the bird and pretended to play. He looked at us once, but did not move. A few days later he saw a dove, and a dove flew by. He sat still. At this moment my daughter cut a glass of paper in half and put water in it. She also put some grains of wheat on a plate. I noticed that sometimes he would eat wheat, but when he did not eat, many red ants would roam in the wheat.

Then we soaked the cloth in kerosene oil and applied it to the bottom of the wheat plate and on the tub so that the ants would not disturb the bird. But if he wiped it with a cloth or poured water on the base of the tree, he would make a fuss, but he would not move from there.

A couple more days later, it rained that night. In the morning my wife said, listen! Look what happened! My daughter and I just ran away. I saw two small eggs a little bigger than naphthalene bullets. Then I realized that this is the reason why I have settled here. Seeing us, the bird kept both legs on both sides and covered the two eggs with its body. We keep an eye on the bird from time to time. It's nice to hear. One day I saw this bird fly away, and another bird flew up and landed on the two eggs. It was understood that they might be a female bird and a male bird. Within a few days, it was realized that when their call was heard, one might go to eat, the other might eat. In addition to eating, they may also have a responsibility to guard their eggs. All in all, they change places from time to time. Then the female bird seems to stay here all the time, and the male bird stays for a short time. The reason was understood in such a way that if he went to the one who stayed for a long time, moved his hand in the trick of playing, changed the water or gave him food, he would not say anything. He would sit quietly. But sometimes, while doing those things, the bird would snort, snort, swell its face, swell its body, make noises. We thought it would scare us or scare us. I was very happy. Someone would be sitting on that egg. So in the morning, noon, afternoon I would open the door and watch the birds. It was another feeling. He is watching TV. I would say, no, no, the light is on so look here.

Thus the decade passed. We are hoping that when the baby hatches, we will see this moment. My daughter and I used to take pictures of different moments on our mobile phones from the very beginning. One day a scene came to light and we were really surprised. Because we didn't study birds that way.

Suddenly I saw that the bird was not there. I could not see the two eggs. I just saw that the half glass of water filled paper was inverted. Out of curiosity, I picked up the glass and saw that it covered the two eggs with the glass. It is difficult to say whether the bird was covered or not. Whatever it was, I left the glass as it was. I sat in front of the door. After a while, the bird flew away and landed on the glass. A couple of hours later, when I looked around, I saw that the glass was placed in such a way that the eggs were placed towards the open mouth of the two glasses, towards our open door, and towards the back of the glass. , On the open side of the grill, that is, just opposite our door. How much intelligence he got in that identity, so that no one can look at him from the outside, and there is not so much fear in the front, so that system. I thought that. . All of us are curious, for so long, the bird has been here, when the baby will hatch, suddenly it seems that Google has opened, how long it takes to hatch a pigeon's egg, I got it, I saw, it takes fourteen to sixteen days. I told my daughter, look, I'll see you in a day or two. Really got to see. There was a light breeze that night, and it was pouring rain. I opened the door once at night and saw the bird. Covering the two eggs, the body is sitting facing our door. The rain was coming towards the tail, but there was no frown on the other side, it was clear from his expression. It is as if he is taking care of the two eggs with great care.

In the morning, my daughter screamed and said, "Dad, go and see." And her mother is cleaning the hair with her lips. The moment of being a child was not seen, then what had happened a little earlier, it was understood by looking at that wet gummy body. We also enjoyed it very much.

I felt a great satisfaction that the mother bird. He is so busy taking care of the two children, there is no time to look at us. Then time went on, sometimes we noticed, the mother bird left them, came back again. Then I saw the mother's lips, the lips of two children, how long they have been eating. Only three lips are moving. We stood a little closer and looked, took pictures, made videos, they don't have those eyebrows. It is a feeling of love for a mother and child, which is difficult to describe in words. Thus the day began to pass. The anatomy of the two babies began to change naturally. We also started playing with them by shaking hands as per the rules. When we move our hands, the child nods, leans towards us, leans towards us, maybe bites, scares or plays. But the mother bird is sitting quietly and calmly, we think maybe she is feeling. They are playing with my kids. Although I have no idea how birds feel.

In this way, over time, they began to grow. The mother and father of the pigeons kept coming and going. One day I saw a crow crowing on the roof of the house next door. Suddenly I saw a dove fly away, waving its body, going to stop again and again. And the crow is moving away. I chased the crow and released it. I thought who else would be this pigeon except us! Maybe the crow could not come to the child, could not take the child by beating him, so he was careful to chase him away earlier.

And one day I saw three doves sitting in three tubs together. I thought, look, the new pigeon, maybe his neighbor or someone else, has come to see the baby. Or not to mention, this place was seen earlier, to build a home in the future. It seemed like a lot. Now came that moment. After they were born, the color they had, slowly, as they grew up, like their parents, began to form. It became bigger day by day. The two of them were playing, arguing, walking from one tree to another, walking in tubs, looking at us, all this was going well. One day I saw the mother bird brought some food. I went to feed them, they ate but I didn't feel full. So to eat more, mother kicked the bird away. As if to say, bring more food for us. Poor mother bird sat down in a tub for a while. Then some thought flew away. But I noticed that the mother bird was not seen all day. The door of our balcony was open until ten or eleven o'clock at night. So most of everything was visible. Walking walking. If we give food, it is not food. Maybe I couldn't eat on my own. I think I was fasting all night. But is it really so hard for the parents to leave without feeding the baby birds? But in the morning a scene came to mind. A child can no longer be seen. I was surprised, where did it go? I looked around under the balcony, I couldn't see anywhere.

This time it was difficult to have another child. I saw him sometimes looking outside with a bored look, as if he was looking for someone. Sometimes he was looking through our door, towards the house. Sometimes walking from one tree tub to another in a tub tree. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally.

I thought the poor man has not eaten since yesterday. Once I grabbed a little bit of mugdal in front of the lips. Once I spread some rice at the base of the tub. I saw two people eating a rice. But I felt like a thinking person. As if thinking of something. Maybe he is looking for his mother, father, his partner, with whom he used to fight. And now he is alone. What will the poor do? Absolutely lost.

We also felt very bad. Maybe she was waiting for her mother and father to come. Why isn't he coming. What will he do now? He felt like a helpless, lost man. In this way a lot of time of the day passed. But it will be a little later in the evening. What will the little bird do then? If any of our children were in this condition. But at about four in the afternoon, I suddenly heard the call of a dove a few times from outside. Kurur Kurur. My daughter and I then looked at the baby bird. I think at the end of one night and one day that Kuru Kuru is calling to his child. Maybe he wanted to say, what we have done to do the duty, now find your job. Do or do not do, now is the time. Suddenly the sound of fluttering wings was noticed. At that moment the clothes on the balcony went and sat on the fair rod. My daughter was there. I turned on the camera of my mobile. I tapped the rod a few times to play. Suddenly the little bird flew away and landed on the air-conditioning machine next door. Then he flew away to where he was supposed to go.

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