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The Blue Hour

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Did you feel or think it romantic when you walk along the beach with someone special at sunset? Did you ever feel the incredible feeling of warmth when heat from the sun touch your skin the sun at sunrise?

Most of us are so amazed by "the golden hour" because something in it makes us feel loved, warm and somehow secure. It's like nothing bad ever happens next.

Unlike "the blue hour" when the sun is down and we're being ushered into the night, we feel homesick, gloomy, and somehow vulnerable.

I think it's because we fear the unknown.

The human mind spells the dark as a mystery yet, at the same time, danger. When the dark sets in, we cannot see what's before us. We feel like we are alone when in fact, there are others near us.

It's not always that we have to SEE people in order to say that they really love us. Sometimes, it is enough to know that they really care and love us even in ways we don't see. And... that we are NOT definitely alone.