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The bomb squad called over a suspicious bag finds a cat and her newborn kitten in Ohio.

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Newborn kittens and their mother were found by a bomb squad called to search out a "suspicious bag" at a church in New Miami, Ohio. Responding officers used an x-ray device to see what was inside the bag after hearing purring instead of ticking. They found the felines.

Within the bag, they also found a note which read: "Mom's name is Sprinkles. She started giving birth at 2:00 p.m. On February 17th "but made no effort to justify why they had been left there.

Sprinkles and her day-old kittens were sent to the Humane Society of Animal Friends in Hamilton, Ohio, to be taken care of.

"In a Facebook post on Friday, the shelter said: "all of them were covered in mom's urine and needed gentle baths when they arrived. Furthermore, "Sprinkles, purring during it all, got her vaccines and blood test and seemed to be in good health."

She is doing an excellent job, and nurses are taking care of the kittens, and this afternoon, all seven will be placed with their foster family."

Animal friend Human Society ensures that they will continue watching sprinkles and her cute little kittens for the next two months and also will provide day-to-day updates about their recovery as they grow.

It’s not new that people are much concern about the cat; many people have so much love for cats, be it their own or not. Moreover, still, no one knows who put that bag in the church.