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"The Exchange Student"

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I will presently unveil to you, a 'creepy' true tale of a horror story, which occurred someplace in Asia:

A beautiful young Asian teacher and one of her younger English students were engaged in a serious conversation. 

By now it was well after school hours, and the gorgeous Asian teacher began rolling her eyes upward while constantly saying "No, no, and double no" to the panicky English student. They were quarreling over matters concerning where the student could sleep for the evening. 

At some point, the teacher approved of her student in sleeping over her house, but only under her, specific terms of conditions. 

The teacher was unmistakably ages older than the student, and she was there for nearly a half-hour before she finally gave in to answering 'yes' to the persistent student involving his hard-pressed request to sleep over her house. But why was this budding student so despairing in wanting to sleep over his older teacher's house? There was no doubt that she was quite the eyeful - beautiful, tall, slim, olive-skinned. (gorgeous tan) And she was even a relatively popular professional model during the summertime, when not teaching and having to fret over students inquiring about sleeping over her residence. 

She originally shunned the student, telling him she was not at liberty of having her young students (or any of her students) sleep over her house. And would in no way jeopardize her job doing so otherwise. But after all that begging and pleading, and only under the teacher's agreement of rules and regulations was the boy finally able to get a resounding 'yes' from his older teacher. 

Somehow, he persuaded her to let him into her house. And she couldn't help think about what a mistake it was. She knew better. She would never let anyone for that matter into her house, especially a student sleep overnight. This was preposterous she thought while walking back to her house with the student.   

Not believing her own decision to ascertain the whole concept of him sleeping over her house she tried to make light talk of the students exchange student\s house where for whatever reason they were not home and somewhere out of the country. Weird she thought. But she thought she would let the student into her house for a little while and probe him for answers about this. She figured he would cool down after some talking. Then she would make a follow-up call to the house where the student should be staying. 

When they both arrived at the teacher's house she began to talk about his country in England and what he seemed to like about the country he was visiting as an exchange student. She was a little creeped out when after inquiring about this question he flipped out and started throwing his books everywhere. This was not so good of a question to ask. Feeling on edge and unnerved, she immediately tried to change the subject towards his homework and perhaps something to eat. When she mentioned the idea of eating, he was instantly up for the notion and began questioning her what was on the menu. She was pleasantly happy when he said yes to eating Wonton Soup, with tea. She figured it may relax him if anything. Whatever it took for him to calm his nerves was a priority on her agenda that night. 

The teacher chose to accompany the student for soup and tea as well. He wasn't the sole person sensing tension and anxiety. She already made the blunder of allotting the student inside her small flat. Stupid, dumb, irresponsible she thought to herself. Just then the student caved his entire head into his soup bowl, chasing it down with gulps - slurping his tea. 

"Hungry"? Inquired the teacher. He said nothing, stared directly into her eyes, creeping her out again with his disconnected giggle while gesturing a sinister smile... 

To Be Continued in the next segment - Part 2. 

Don't forget to check out Part 2 to find out what happens. I know you will be creeped out.