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The First British Cryptocurrency, Electroneum

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Electroneum is also known as British Cryptocurrency. It was launched as an ICO. The basic purpose behind the invention of this cryptocurrency was to use it in the mobile gaming market. The main feature that attracts the user is its user-friendly interface. Electroneum was developed on a “need,” a need to connect the community and business through a mobile-friendly application that could be used for all the features required for a cryptocurrency.

Electroneum offers something new in the market, so there is an excellent scope of it getting a good amount of revenue in the future. This means that the investors are keen to invest in the currency. In addition, the currency is enjoying a sizeable growth in South Africa and Brazil. The company is offering different packages and top-ups to mobile users to attract more users. The company is planning several updates in the coming months and aims to make it a global currency to be used by everyone.

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