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The First Flying Car Has Taken Off In Austin,Texas

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The days of witnessing flying cars in only futuristic sci-fi shows are gone because the high-concept gizmos are now becoming a part of our bonafide reality. And quite unsurprisingly, the internalization of these aeronautical vehicles into the society is being pioneered by the US Airforce. Recently, the vertical takeoff and landing flight (eVTOL) demonstration for an electric car was observed at Camp Marby in Austin Texas. And this one of a kind trial was attended by Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Brown, Jr., and Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force JoAnne Bass.

This new breakthrough of a vehicle has been developed by reputed drone manufacturer LIFT, known as a ‘Hexa’ vehicle, this flying car is powered by 18 motors and propellers. There are floats attached to it for amphibious landings, and the driver wouldn’t require a pilot’s license to operate this aircraft-cum-car.

The US Air Force interest had first expressed its interest in flying vehicles in September last year, but it wasn’t until February that a call to table ideas was made. For now, the Airforce isn’t keen on deploying these flying cars for military missions, but it is, however, a long-term aim.

If flying cars become a reality, they can greatly bolster aerial surveillance and aid supply in disaster-stricken areas. The American Air Force states that the aforementioned conveyances can support a growing diversity of missions.