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The First NEO Blockchain Platform In Indonesia Is Now Registered On Major Blockchain Networks?

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Airdrop United is a special community for Airdrop hunters which provides all kinds of information of upcoming or existing airdrops. It is the first NEO blockchain platform in Indonesia, which is now registered, on some of the major blockchain networks, like Neo Dapp, ICO Bench, Fox ICO, ICO Holder and O app. The platform is organizing its ICO from September to November, with phase bonuses, respectively. Also, a limited number of premium investors can avail of a bonus on the ICO.

Airdrop United’s utility token, UTD is a NEP- built on the NEO blockchain, one of the most advanced smart contract-enabled blockchains in existence. UTD will be available through the ICO. NEO Airdrop United is constantly growing, and based on the market demand, it has launched a special limited promotion, for premium investor programs. Under this program, the investor can buy NEO, at a good percentage bonus. This promotion starts in September. UTC +, and is only valid until October. It is an exciting and limited-time opportunity for the investors to purchase the promising NEO token, at an attractive price.

Airdrop United is one of its kind platforms that share the latest information and updates regarding Airdrops, done by the various blockchain companies. On this platform, the user can also find information and tips about Airdrop scams to take preventive actions. They can stay informed about the upcoming airdrops and the criteria required for the user to participate in the program. The platform will also launch a program called the Airdrop United Giveaway, once the Airdrop promotion events are over.

Airdrops are basically, free distribution of tokens done by the cryptocurrency companies to promote themselves and reach a wider audience.

Airdrops can be done as a surprise for the loyal customers and community members, for their contribution to the platform or announced beforehand. In both cases, the users need to be aware of the airdrops and know what they have to do to take full advantage of the airdrop event. Even when the airdrops are announced beforehand, the users have to know if they qualify for it or not, and the series of tasks they have to compete for getting the tokens through the airdrop.

Airdrop United, brings an all in one solution for the airdrop hunters, through their “Airdrop United Giveaway” program.

Since Airdrop United is based on the NEO blockchain, it supports thousands of transactions in one second, with any transaction fees.