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The George Floyd Saga (Part 1)

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On May 25, Minneapolis cops captured George Floyd, a 46-year-old African man, after a store representative called 911, blaming him for acquiring cigarettes with a fraudulent $20 dollar bill. Seventeen minutes after the main crew vehicle showed up at the scene, Mr. Floyd was unconscious, and stuck underneath three cops, presenting no implications of life. A horrid scene indeed. 

To make the matters worse, the officer was a white man behaving like no big deal (with his hands unceremoniously lodged inside his pants) as he placed pressure on Floyd's main artery located on his neck, causing Floyd to not breathe, prompting his death. This was an up rage within the Africain American community, and fairly so. 

The day after Mr. Floyd's demise, the Police Department terminated every one of the four of the officials engaged with the scene, and on Friday the Hennepin County lawyer, Mike Freeman, declared homicide and murder accusations against Derek Chauvin, the official who can be seen most unmistakably in witness recordings sticking Mr. Floyd to the ground. However, I would like to talk a little more concerning these protests and riots:  

Much has transpired involving the likes of Mr. George Floyd, who perished in the hands of law enforcement. And although the officers connected to the death of Mr. Floyd are being prosecuted to the fullest, many other protesters are continually addressing their point in a very violent matter. 

Why are they (protesters) acting and behaving the way they are? Why are they creating significant devastation to businesses who have previously already suffered due to COVID-19? Do two wrongs make a right?

To date, ()as we speak) businesses in downtown Boston, and other cities in the United States are being burned and destroyed, due to George Floyd's death. And even though I completely understand their pain, anger, and anguish concerning his death, destroying the livelihood of others who were not even directly connected with Floyd, is a whole separate equation. Or is it? That is not what one Asian protester said. This man (protester) spoke briefly with a television journalist, who asked the man why all the violence from protesters? 

He mentioned to the press, that the reason this fierce group of protesters functioned the way they did was to make a point. Hmm, so, what exactly was their point? He said:

 "What they are trying to prove by doing what they are doing is, all these material items being taken, (stolen), including broken windows, smashed-up and burnt police cruisers, etc, can eventually be replaced. However, George Floyd can not be replaced." 

Needless to say, I was very impressed with the young man's answer. This did make me reflect a little more - opening my eyes a little more as I sat pondering to understand why protesters were acting so destructive. By the way, as a businessman and business owner myself, I was heartbroken by this outrage, seeing the consternation of all these business owners with their stores destroyed. 

In my next posting, we will speak more thoroughly concerning such behavior. But for now, I would like to ask you to first take a few minutes of silence to pray for George Floyd and his family, friends, etc. Afterward, ponder on this situation, and these questions a little, and state in the comment section below this article, why you feel it's ok or not ok to act and behave the way the protesters do. Then we will further discuss these answers in my next postings. If nobody responds, I will take some answers from my other writings previously and discuss them. Until then, have a happy, prosperous day and stay safe.