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The groom throws his sisters out of the wedding ceremony for breaking a strict wedding law.

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The groom's family "sabotaged" his wedding, according to him. The man clarified that he recently married in an anonymous Reddit article.

He explained that he and his soon-to-be wife wanted a child-free wedding, so they told everyone ahead of time. Except for his family, everybody was cool with it.

The man mentioned that he has three wives, all of whom have children between two and ten.

"My mother said it was illogical not to allow children because (1) this had never happened before in our family and (2) my sisters live in separate cities, so the children couldn't be left alone. 

They ultimately decided not to carry the kids after much wrangling.

When it came to the big day, everybody had adopted the no-children law. "I immediately went to ask what's the deal," he said when he saw his two sisters arrive with their children.

"When I told them I wouldn't let them in with the kids, they started arguing with me." "I had to enlist the help of security to get them to leave."

Later that night, he said he got threatening messages from them, and his cousin even posted on Facebook about his "s***** wedding."

He gathered everyone a few days later and try to justify what he believed they had done wrong.

"I asked myself if I let my sisters bring their children, what message does that send to my inlaws and friends who tried to bring children but couldn't?" The man elaborated.

However, it was later discovered that his mother had ordered his sisters to disregard the law and that "she'd deal with [him] later."

They told him that he ruined his wedding by being unfair and that the family will still remember the wedding as a tragedy.

His mother also suggested that the best way to heal the harm was to hold another wedding/party where children would be welcomed, which he declined.

"They blamed my wife and said it was intentional," he explained.

"They started talking to my wife, trying to reassure her that they don't approve of what happened and that they're giving us a chance to repair things before the relationship is ruined."

"This gave me a headache, and I don't think I did anything wrong." "What I wanted was for them to honor my mom."

He asked users if he was wrong for throwing his sisters out, but the majority of people agreed that his family was disrespectful for ignoring his wishes, especially his mother.

Someone stated: "You set the rules and the guestlist for your wedding. The kids weren't interested. They broke the rules on purpose, and they paid the price. Maintain your place."

Another individual concurred: "Yes, exactly! DO NOT HAVE A SECOND PARTY, because it would just give the message that you were wrong and they were right and that you should not have had a child-free wedding.

"Does not sound like your mother respects you," a third said.

Someone else said, "THEY ruined your wedding by totally disregarding your wishes."

"Your mother deliberately sabotaged your wedding, and your sisters went along with it," she said. 

It is THEIR fault if they are disappointed with the outcome."

"This is about more than a wedding," one person said. "Your family, especially your mother, is attempting to villainize your wife and portray her as the bad guy here." 

Be mindful that if you do nothing to address this, such as cutting off those who refuse to stop, your wife will not be able to put up with it.