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The House Voted to Impeach Trump: What Happens Now?

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On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on two Articles of Impeachment: one for abuse of power, the other for obstruction of Congress. Both Articles were passed, and President Trump is officially impeached, joining Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton as one of the few U.S. Presidents to be so (Nixon resigned before he could be impeached.)

But Trump won't be removed from office until the Senate holds an impeachment trial. The Senate may acquit the President, in which case he will continue to serve out his term as he is now. But the Senate may also convict him, and then the President will be forced to leave office, in which case the Vice President will finish the term. Senators will make a public vote, and must rule in favor of impeachment by a majority of two thirds of those present during the vote.

Does a Republican majority Senate mean that Trump will not be convicted? Possibly. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has considered delaying the presentation of the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, and many speculate that this decision may encourage parties to call witnesses to expedite the trial in order to clear Trump's name.

In the coming weeks or even months, Trump will either be removed from office, or redeem himself in trial. But the battle isn't over yet.

Photo: House of Representatives vote on Trump's impeachment. CNN.