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The Importance of HBCUs in African American Heritage

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In honor of Black History Month and this week’s African American Heritage contest, I wanted to talk a little bit about HBCUs because of their social and cultural importance to higher education.

HBCUs stands for Historically Black Colleges and Universities; they’re schools that opened with the intention of educating Black Americans when segregation kept them from attending other colleges back in the late 1800's. Some examples of HBCUS are Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, Howard University in D.C., North Carolina A&T State University in North Carolina, and Spelman College in Georgia.

A common misconception about HBCUs today is that they exclusively only accept African American students. While the majority of the student body are African American students, HBCUs accept students of any race because the intent is to cultivate campus communities that support culture and communities and teach more Black history than is traditionally learned in other institutions.

HBCUs allow their students to thrive both in college and in life after in a wholly different way. They are incredibly important to the history of this country and continue to be important in the lives of so many students, their families, and the African American community at large.

To learn more about HBCUs check out this article here from CollegeXpress, a valuable college search resource.

And share your stories and thoughts about African American Heritage too for Folkspaper’s theme contest this week!

Image from Andre Hunter on Unsplash.

*I am not eligible for the contest.*