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The invisible woman

arrow_upward PUSH

Black culture is killing black women slowly. So slow you don't realized you are been devoured from the inside out. I can hardly breathe as I write this because the pain I have been conditioned to feel has become my comfort. To express your feelings, you are bitter and angry.... to speak out against mistreatment by your own community you are feeding white supermacy and driving a wedge in the community that has been there before white faces. I write this out of desire to desire to be valued by the people I am fighting for but I am not. Im a woman. But I am compared to a man, because I have been conditioned to withstand the teathering. I have been conditioned to tolerate an infected womb. We, allow men to fill our spaces with darkness and blood, sometimes they bring yellows and brightness but not often. Why must I fight for men who hate me. Men who call me man. Men who abuse me who don't belive my screams. I have nothing in the tank left. I write this because my feminity means nothing to you. I gave you comfort in my home, you stayed there till you exhausted my lights, my food, and my drink. You were full. After you finished you layed your head. Then days later you assaulted me. You stripped me from my womanhood so I could be left naked with you. You took it, but you didn't have to because I gave it to you freely. I would have always gave you a home. You stripped me till all that was left was sore nipples, sour milk, and fluid. I stood their withstanding the condition because I had been conditioned for this moment. In your eyes I am not woman I am not worthy....I am only worth a lay.

arrow_upward PUSH