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The joy of liberation

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Once he came back alive, Ramu did not learn. This intoxication will not go away without defeating him. That day Raju was taken away by the police. Or he went to steal someone's house. Raju will be three years older than Ramu. But Ramu also stole or that OK will be caught by the police too! Rich people in the neighborhood. His huge mango orchard, land and house.

He told Ramu, this time you will also be caught by the police. What you do is worse. I will tell the police. Ramu himself does not understand how bad it is. But it's true! Birenbabu told the police, he can be caught by the police. Ramu was really scared.

But intoxication! Addiction to catching birds. Many people in the village have seen pheasants in cages at home. He also wants pheasants. So he also went to Birenbabu's mango orchard to catch Tia. Especially mango time. At that time a lot of sandalwood pheasants come. He sits on a tree and eats ripe mangoes. Again the swarm flew away. It looks great. As the mangoes ripen, the mango orchard looks yellowish. The pheasants sit in those mangoes. Ramu and the people of that region call those mangoes Dakkar Mango. Rice is cooked in a clay pot at Ramu's house. So the pot, the bottom of the iron pot, the ink falls on the fire of the wooden oven. Ramu took two broken pieces of jute sticks, then twisted the root of the jackfruit into the two sticks. Then apply ink to the pot, cover with two sticks, turn and apply. And the white color of the jackfruit becomes black. Ramu took mustard oil in a small bottle, tied a towel around his neck, and went to the garden with two eighteen sticks of jackfruit. There is nothing to fear. There were two pheasants in the cage. He died a few days ago. Still wants to catch more. It has caught a lot before. But the pheasants do not survive. Still, he hopes to survive. And then hope rose. Intoxicated, he goes to catch the pheasant. And so last year, while trying to catch Tia, he slipped off the tree and slipped on the ground. Then in the hospital for fifteen days. Bhagirathi did not break a bone. But still what fear is shame. He came again to catch the birds. As soon as the doctor saw the mango on the trunk of the tree, he put black glue on the root of the mango and waited under the tree. There is no set time, some days the pheasants are caught early, some days it takes a few hours. Sitting and humming. Sings randomly. "Ore o tire de tui dhara ,," This time I will teach you to sing..

As soon as Tia screamed, Ramu understood. Tia Dakkar is sitting on the mango for food, which means she is trapped. The two slender, slender legs are stuck to the mango root. Ramu climbed the tree, grabbed the bird with a towel, and saw that Tia could not bite with her sharp lips. Leaving the glue, he grabbed Tiata and came down.

Then he sat down very carefully, applied mustard oil on the tear feet with a piece of torn cloth, removed the glue. Then he took it to the cage of the house and filled it. Then he gives ripe chilli, lentils, water in a small bowl. Ramu also gets angry, he doesn't eat well, he calls her fondly and teaches her to speak again. Tia used to say, Ramu Ramu. Ash says, just looks at him. To this day, not a single Tiao has learned to speak. Some people in the neighborhood have seen it in someone's house, the pheasant also sings kirtan. Ramu doesn't believe because no one has been able to show him till today. But seeing Raju today, and hearing Birenbabu's words, Ramu panicked. He thought Rajuto would go to jail. He would be beaten by the police. He can't play with his friends. She can't even see her parents. This moment Raju was more scared. If he is caught by the police, he will not be able to see his mother, father, friend or anyone else. Heard the prison or the darkness. Is to be alone. He is more afraid of the dark again. If the ghost catches. Meanwhile, the police baton, on the other hand, the ghost, oh father! Suddenly tears came to Ramu's eyes. His conscience seemed to wake up. Tiatato is in jail now. The cage is like a prison. Tiaroto has mother, father, brother, sister. He has a home. Tiata must be in a lot of trouble. That is why in mourning, grief, the tiagulo die in the cage. He swore in his heart that he would never catch a pheasant again. Tia Pakhiro has the right to enjoy the pleasure that Ramu is enjoying outside the jail. Ramu thought at that moment what to do now. He ran home. But go and wonder! Who did it again! There is no pheasant in the cage! Seto ran to blow the pheasant out of the cage. He understood a little, called, mother ,,,. Mother came out of the house and said, I opened the cage door, otherwise it would have died. As happy as Ramu looked at his mother, maybe the pheasant has also gone to his mother now. She is also very happy. Ramu stared at the open sky with absolute joy. I thought how much happier the joy of liberation is than the joy of catching birds.

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