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The land Seoul....

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Although I am an Indian but recently I get to know about south Korea. And I love this, this country is full of colours.

I like the Korean culture, Korean fashion, and as a male also the females of Korea they are literally gorgeous.

I also learning hangul(the Korean language) and make an aim to have trip of soul very soon to real the beauty of soul from my naked eyes.

Also, the music and the Korean songs also named as k-pop is amazing these songs and their graphics are really nice and very different from others. Especially i like the girl group blackpink and my bias is Lisa, the vocals, the beauty, the talent of these girls are Damn good. I love Korea and Korean culture.

I would to thank my friend, who interacts me with Korea and Korean culture. she's is also a dye-heart bts fan and especially of Jungkook. She is mad at Jungkook and did not listen a single work against him.

Seoul or south Korea are damn gorgeous country and I eagerly want to see it.