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The Last of Us TV Show in Development at HBO

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The Last of Us is a popular video game, originating on the PlayStation, about a world in the throws of the apocalypse. The game follows Joel, a hardened father struggling with the disease that killed his daughter and turned many others into deadly creatures, and Ellie, a young girl who may be the key to the cure for the epidemic. The story is at once action packed and soul wrenching, winning the makers Naughty Dog many awards for the game in 2013 and 2014. The game, in fact, has such a great story that the makers are teaming up with HBO to bring the story to television.

The station and streaming network have tapped Craig Mazin, known for his incredibly successful HBO show Chernobyl, and the original director of the 2013 game Neil Druckmann. 

The show is said to be following the events of the first game, and if it's good, there is sure to be an opportunity to expand the story, especially with the game's sequel slated to be released on May 29th of this year. 

We certainly have seen apocalypse and zombie stories before, but, as a game, The Last of Us had so much heart on top of an at least somewhat original take on zombies in the height of the zombie fad. HBO is also known for incredible deep, gritty, well-told, and experimental stories that the platform seems like the right place to really bring Ellie and Joel to life.

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Image owned by Sony/Naughty Dog.