The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Manchester, NH Manchester

The hit Amazon Prime show about a 1950s bourgeoisie housewife- turned-comedienne, her loving but demanding and slightly out-of-touch parents, her earnest screw-up and aspiring comedian husband, and her plucky und uncompromising lesbian manager is exactly what you can expect from the creator of Gilmore Girls; razor sharp wit, feel-good girl power, and a lot of Barbara Streisand music.

Ten years after the end of the most popular female-specific show on television, and two years after that show’s crash-and-burn Netflix revival/finale, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel plays like the polished final draft of everything Amy Sherman Palladino experimented with in Gilmore Girls. The two shows have blatant parallels, but Midge Maisel has the creative freedom to state what Lorelai Gilmore could only ever imply; there is no limit to what women are capable of, and we don’t have to compromise. A woman can be beautiful and funny, classy and crass, savvy self-starters and devoted homemakers. We can have it all, and we can do it in heels.

 ( source: Image via Amazon Video  )

Image via Amazon Video


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