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The Mason Jar Top You Haven't Thought of

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I have a pretty impressive collection of mason jars. I use them to make butter and buttermilk, store craft supplies and food, and even use them as a cute cup option on a summer's day. But by far my favorite use for a mason jar is storing food that I use little by little, such as seasonings. The trouble is, mason jars don't really lend themselves very well to a 'little by little' approach. So what I need is a lid that functions like a shaker, but gives me the option to open the other side and get a scoop if I need it.

And then it hit me.

A cheese shaker lid is exactly the kind of thing I needed! I use grated parmesan cheese in a shaker for all kinds of pastas and salads, and the lid from such a container could have a second life gracing the top of my mason jar. So I raced to the fridge to check if it fit. Lo and behold, the plastic top from my parmesan container fit perfectly on a regular mouth jar! I have a quart jar pictures, but you can totally use a pint jar, if the mouth is the same width. Not only does this allow two different access types, but it seals easily, meaning my food or seasoning will last just as long as with a regular lid and ring.