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The debate over the minimum wage has caused a lot of fear, grievances and joy. Fifteen dollars an hour is a decent wage for living the American dream-- the joy. The fear is how it will fit into business models such as small start-ups from food eateries to indie record shops. The grievances are how to balance the bottom line for business owners in the food industry especially where profit margins are tight. My suggestion would be a sliding scale rate that is commonly used in healthcare. If your business makes below a certain amount the pay would be commensurate with the hourly pay rate.  The other option would be using a flat-rate pay where instead of using the dollar and percentage as a promotion for promoting hard work as a business model-- the new formula commonly used in arts and other freelance mediums is a flat rate. The grievances I hear from restaurateurs is that the cook has to make double the server or host because it's an incentive for hard work-- not a rank/responsibility for achievement.

Achievement as a means of success should come from the value of your hard work. Re-envisioning the value of hard work more than the value of the dollar.   The value comes from the opportunity to be a chef-- not just a few more bucks an hour.  


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