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THE Most Badass Pop Culture Moment of 2019: Lizzo at The MTV VMAs

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Perhaps we should just shorten that to LIZZO as the most badass pop culture moment because this artist is a MOMENTUM. She is the force behind a movement that has long been coming.

This positive, self-confident goddess gives zero f*cks, and it's her brazen authenticity that is so refreshing (and startling to some poor, uneducated souls) to see, no less on stage at the MTV VMAs.

Her performance was joyful and made us laugh at life and its absurdity, its low points, its high points and everything in-between. She showed up in a trench coat and left in a yellow neon bodysuit, and the middle of this costume change, Lizzo told us to take back our moment when she said:

"I’m tired of the bullshit. And I don’t have to know your story to know you’re tired of the bullshit, too. It’s so hard trying to love yourself in a world that doesn’t love you back, am I right? So I want to take this opportunity just now, to just feel good as hell. Because you deserve to feel good as hell. We deserve to feel good as hell."

She is a MOMENTUM. And so are you.

The truth can hurt in such a good way.