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The Most Naked MTV VMA Dresses Over The Years

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The MTV VMA red carpet is often about showing skin. But some celebrities have really gone overboard when it came to revealing. The award show is the wildest music night, so no matter how provocative the dress, it’s always a green light at the VMAs. Here are the most naked MTV VMA outfits of all time.

1. While the MTV VMAs have witnessed several sultry dresses, Rose McGowan really the took the cake. The musician made heads turn in the year 1998 when she attended the awards with Marilyn Manson. McGowan however, later confirmed that her see-through dress was meant to be a political statement.

2. No one does naked better than Britney Spears, and it would have been a shame had she not made it to this list. Spears tore off her suit mid-performance in 2000. Viewers were both mesmerized and stunned. The VMAs haven’t witnessed a more starry striptease ever since.

3. When Lady Gaga came to Met Gala last year, she was adorned in a beautiful dress, but she kept shredding off layers until she reached her revealing form. In the 2013 MTV VMAs, however, Gaga didn’t bother to put on clothes in the first place, embracing the sea in its most natural form, Gaga was a real mermaid in her thong seashell bikini

4. Miley Cyrus isn’t someone who can be tamed, and she has proven it effectively during the 2015 VMAs. Dressed in a Versace getup with silver suspenders and matching thigh-high boots, Cyrus was there to slay.