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✌The Nation's Husband✌ Chapter 4

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When Raina got up from the floor it was 2am.

She'd just realised that she had cried herself to sleep on the cold floor.

She sprung up and took a quick shower before going to the bedroom

She thought Andre was probably awake and waiting for her but the bedroom was silent and no one in sight.

Where has he gone to? Why is that anytime he hurts her he would hide somewhere.

Has he gone out as usual? Oh is late what if something happens to him.

Raina began to get worried. She went to the changing room and put on her pajamas and headed downstairs.

There was no one in the sitting room, she rushed to the window and looked outside for his car.

So if his car is still here, where the hell is he?

She ascended the stairs hurriedly to his study.

By the time she opened the door, she held her chest and started coughing due to the stuffiness of the room.

She turned and saw Andre on an arm chair puffing on a cigarette.

She watched him for a few seconds before saying a few words

" you're smoking too much lately Andre and its not good for your health"

Raina was worried that his excessive smoking may inflict a kind of incurable disease on him or may even take his life.

Being that she loves him so much, she doesn't want to lose him.

Andre has been smoking from the time he left Raina in the bathroom.

He believes smoking makes him forget about the tantrum life was throwing at him.

He got up silently and strode to where she was standing, held her by the wrist and looked into her adorable eyes

The body contact made him froze a little but he still maintained his frosty appearance.

"Who the hell let you in? " he growled. Raina was not willing to say a word

When he saw that Raina was not going to say a thing, he tightened his grip on her wrist and she whined.

"I came to check if you're ok" she finally replied for fear that he could break her wrist.

"Who gave you the right to check on me Raina" Andre asked shaking her violently.

"I...I'm you...wife Andre" she stuttered sheepishly a bit frozen.

When Andre heard the words "your wife" a feeling of happiness flashed his heart

Then he remembered she had rejected him but she's only playing along for the sake of her uncle and because they are legally married, he became aggressive and dragged her to the door.

"Get out! Out! He roared.

Raina was a little stubborn as he staggered inspite of his aggression.

He forcefully pushed her outside the room and slammed the door shut.

Andre shut his eyes and leaned on door.

He wanted to open the door, gathered her into his arms, wiped her tears and apologise to her but he can never do that.

Not when she had rejected him from the start.

She only sees him as the man who's helping her uncle stand on his feet again.

He removed another stick of cigarette and start taking one drag after the other.

"Raina I've loved you for eleven years"

"Why can't I be the one you love?" I became who I am today so I can take good care of you"

"I can do anything for you. Can you love me please Raina?"

He continued to talk to himself lying flat on the floor and staring at the ceiling.

When Raina saw that he was not going to open the door despite her knocks, she left to the bedroom.

She tucked herself in bed and tried to get some sleep.


The next day she woke up by mid day due to her sleeping late last night.

The house was quiet, she could not sense any movement. He's gone out. She thought.

Thank God she still had some anti inflammatory pills left in her chest of drawers that will take care of the fever that was already threatening her system.

After taking her bath, she went downstairs to heat up some milk to take care of her cold.

She couldn't go to church today because of her health so she just stayed at home and watched some movies.

In the blink of an eye it was already evening and Andre was yet to return.

She went to bed when she could not wait any longer.

He may not come home today as usual. She thought as she cuddled the pillow and sank into a deep sleep.


The next day Raina walked into her office and met everyone wearing a strange look on their faces.

She primped and went straight to her office still processing the whole thing.

Just as she was about to sit down, Yvonne barged in

"Mrs how is our handsome Mr Shaw...I was just .... Raina cut in

"Yvonne isn't it too early for your irresponsible attitude?" Raina said with a cheeky grin

Yvonne furrowed her eyes at her and then snapped out of it

"Shut up you naughty girl" she said arranging her blouse while giving her a warning glare.

Raina sat down ignoring her friend.

"Raina it seems you're not interested in news about this company" her words pressed on Raina's point

She stopped arranging her document and looked at her

"What news" she asked sharply

The nation's husband has bought this company " Raina's body stiffened.

"And our boss was the first person to be sacked" Yvonne said and hissed.

"Mr Shaw is so annoying and heartless" Yvonne remarked

Raina couldn't believe her eyes. So Andre bought the company where she works and even sack her boss just because he saw her with him yesterday.

A smile curled up her lips but she really felt bad for her boss for losing his job.

"Hey! Yvonne said after being ignored for more than five minutes.

"Yvonne let's meet up for lunch later" she said.

"OK then. I'll go first. See ya" Yvonne said and cat walked out of her office.

Raina was just looking for an excuse to dismiss her friend because right away she wants to go to his office and confront him

But does she has the courage to try?

Raina drove thinking aloud but not losing her concentration on the road.

She had resorted to work in another company since he didn't allow her work in her uncle's and now he's claiming ownership of the company.

When the secretary asked Raina her name she hesitated for a moment before retorted with " I'm Raina Page " she remembered she can't give her name as Mrs Shaw

"Do you have an appointment with Mr Shaw?" The secretary asked in a professional tone

" Nope, but its in fact very important" she pleaded

"Let me call him then" the secretary replied dialling Andre's office

When the secretary called to informe him, he replied with

" I don't want to see her except you want to lose your job miss Anderson "

"I'm afraid Mr Shaw doesn't want to see you now" the secretary said.

"Oh" Raina said and turned to walk to the elevator.

"Miss Page he wants to see you now" the secretary said dropping the telephone.

"Oh thanks"

Andre was watching everything from the glass door.

When he heard Raina's name he got up abruptly and came to the door just to peep at her.

He saw her walk to the elevator and quickly placed a call to his secretary

He can't bear to see her leave, he'd miss her so much.

Raina sat down on the sofa in his office her heard lowered

"Get me to cups of coffee" he said into the phone.

Two cups of coffee? Who is he going to give the remaining one? Raina thought aloud and slightly looked up at him.

The secretary brought them ad placed it carefully on the table before closing the door behind her.

Andre took a cup and handed it to Raina his hands trembling a little.

Raina took it with her two hands and took few sips before placing it on the table

"Thank you" she said in faint and sweet voice leaving Andre mesmerized.

Then he asked frostily " what do you want. I mean why are you here?"

Raina looked at him surprised. Isn't he the man that just offered her a cup of coffee? How did he become so detached just now

" Why did you buy Burns Incorporated?" Raina asked staring at the cup on the table.

Then she added " why did you sack Mr Ross? "

"Is that all you came here to say?" Andre asked flatly

Raina froze a little. Is he angry? Is was a simple question.

Just when Raina wanted to add another words he cut in

"Or are you having something with him behind my back?"

Raina's heart stopped as she stared at him agaped.

In his heart he wanted to say he's sorry for ever suspecting her of cheating on him but his proud and arrogant appearance was saying otherwise.

He was still detached and emotionless when he spoke

"Let me pretend like this conversation did not happen"

"Just go home if can't get back to work. I'm busy"Indirectly he was apologising for being rude to her.

Raina got up and walked slowly to the door.

He wanted to add " and take good care of yourself" but the words stuck in his throat.

He gulped down his cup of coffee in frustration.