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đź’‹The Nation's Husbandđź’‹ Chapter 7

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Before Raina went to bed that night, she had a taste of the swallow's nest.

"This taste so good" Raina remarked and she took a sip after the other.

She later watched some movies on Netflix before going to bed.


Yvonne didn't visit Raina that evening as she promised, so she decided to do that in the morning.

Today is Saturday there's nothing much to be done. She only did a few laundry before she left.

"Hey little red bean" she shouted as she kept on banging on the main door.

Raina who was woken from her sleep wasn't that pleased at the crazy intrusion.

She walked sluggishly to the door and clicked it open.

She knew it was Yvonne so she didn't even have to wait and welcome her but headed upstairs instead.

"Hey little red bean ain't you gonna welcome me?" Yvonne bursted.

"Sort your self, you crazy parrot" Raina said casually while opening their bedroom door.

"Really? Then watch me" Yvonne threatened and hasten her steps towards Raina.

Raina knew she would definitely not measure up to her friend if they were to run, so she quickly made up for it before they even start.

" Yvonne I'm pregnant " Raina growled.

"Oh I see" Yvonne retreated and hissed loudly as she brushed pass her to the room before she even does.

Raina rolled her eyes and hissed silently.

"I heard that" Yvonne said looking at their wedding portrait.

"Whatever and stop looking at that" Raina said pointing at the portrait.

"He looks so harmless in the picture" Yvonne said softly but Raina remained silent.

Raina was thinking about how he can be that harmless in his looks but is always physical with her.

"So you texted me yesterday that you are pregnant little red bean?"

Yvonne said smiling brightly at Raina.

"What is it with this rice cake and red bean. You've been calling me this since when we were young. Common. I'm old now and marr..." Raina wanted to add "married " to it but she stopped and looked at Yvonne who of course completed it for her.

"Married. Yes you're married my little red b...before she could complete her sentence , Raina stuffed her mouth with the green apple she was holding.

Yvonne chew it her mouth full of apple.

"You're too impossible little rice..sorry Raina" sh complained trying to swallow the apple which almost choke her.

"Good girl" Raina remarked and went back to the fridge for another apple.

Yvonne ignored her started another topic "So how far along are you?" Yvonne asked.

"Two months" Raina replied rubbing her flat tummy while taking a bite of her apple.

"It's a girl" Yvonne suggested pouting at Raina

"Nah..Andre would prefer a boy child first" Raina stated defensively.

Raina was amused herself at the way she was speaking for Andre.

"Have you told him yet?"Yvonne asked.

"I can't contact him. I don't have his number, he has refused to accept my friend request on social media" Raina lamented fiddling with the hem of her pyjamas.

"Awkwarrrd" Yvonne said almost singing it.

"Yeah...awkward" Raina agreed with a nod.

"When is he coming back? Yvonne asked with a worried expression.

According to the news I read yesterday on New York times, he should finish shooting in a month's time" Raina said looking helplessly at her friend.

"That's quite a long time but not to worry I'll be here for my little red bean" Yvonne said as she stood beside the door leaving it a jar.

"Want to come? She asked Raina pretending like some hero.

Raina was wondering how she got there just now.

"Of course not. I don't have wings to fly because I'm no parrot like you" Raina said slamming the bathroom door.

"Open this door" Yvonne yelled at her friend.

"Yvonne I'm pregnant please" Raina begged from inside. Only then did Yvonne left her to the kitchen.

"Come down for break fast stupid" Raina heard Yvonne's faint voice from the bathroom.

"Yeah" she replied and smiled as she turned on the shower.


Yvonne stayed the whole day and kept Raina company till evening when she told her she had to go and get prepared for church on Sunday.

Raina felt really bad that Yvonne was leaving but all the same she's helped out a lot since morning.

Just when Yvonne left, Raina's phone vibrated.

She picked it up and swiped the screen.

A text message from Evelyn reminding her not to forget to take her swallow's nest displayed.

[Raina remember to heat and take your swallow's nest before you sleep. Love you]. She ended it with a kiss emoticon.

Raina took one of it from the fridge in the bedroom and headed downstairs.

If she had kept it in the fridge in the kitchen, the ever curious Yvonne would have asked her endless questions. She thought as she light the cooking gas.

When she finished heating it, she drank it and decided to watch the lastest news about Andre on TV before retiring for the day.


Raina was bored when she came back from work, she couldn't contact Andre and Yvonne has gone on lunch date with her boyfriend.

Evelyn has always been working her ass out since when they were young.

From one board meeting to the order.

She didn't have a choice, so she decided to visit her may be she will be at home after all is past 5.

"Sis of life" Evelyn said in a dull voice as Raina walked into her apartment.

She's been working all day and so she's tired.

She didn't take her eyes off Raina as she examined Raina's body carefully.

"Do you want to eat something?" She offered.

"Nope....I'm fine. Was just bored at home" Raina stated.

"How's the baby. He's fine. I guess. The doctor told me to come tomorrow for check up."

Evelyn furrowed her gaze when she heard the word" fine".

"Oh" was the only thing she said.

Is the swallow's nest not working or what? She thought aloud as she looked at Raina in a daze.

"So what's up" Raina asked

"Nothing much. I just want to work on a few documents " Evelyn replied.

"With you is always work. Give yourself a break." Raina said irritated.

"OK ma'am. I won't be too boring so we can just talk while I'm working" Evelyn assured and Raina nodded a bit happy.

As they were still talking Raina felt a sharp pain in her abdomen.

"Aarrh! hurts" Raina exclaimed making Evelyn sprung to her feet

"What's wrong? Evelyn asked and rushed to Raina.

Raina didn't reply buy fainted right away her eyes closing slowly.

Evelyn suspected what could be the matter as she rushed to the big metal table to get her car keys.


Raina was taken to the operation room immediately she was admitted.

The doctor said she'd just have a miscarriage and needs to be operated on urgently.

In the operation, the foetus has to be aborted so as to prevent damage to the womb.

That wasn't all, Evelyn's heart stopped when the doctor said Raina may or may not survive the operation.

She cried and held unto the doctor's shirt begging him to please let her sister live.

"That's not for me to decide. Pray to any god you know that can heal" the doctor had said after making her signed the papers.

Evelyn started regretting ever buying the swallow's nest.

She only wanted her to lose the baby and not her life

Is the baby not a life as well?

She thought of the last time she prayed to God. That was a month ago.

She scolded herself for being such a careless Christian.

"God please save Raina. I don't want her to die" she mumbled as she watched her lay there on the operation room through the glass door.