The Office (US); A Tardy to the Party Review

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So, I've never seen The Office. Not before today, anyway.

I'd heard of it - okay, so everyone who's ever heard of Steve Carell has heard of it - but it never enticed me enough to sit down and drink it in. I've worked in offices, I currently run an office, and the last think I ever wanted to do after sitting at a desk for eight hours is watch other people pretend to sit at desks all day.

Today, I finally took the occasion to watch The Office.

After two bottles of pink champagne, three Jager Bombs, three or four beers, and not nearly enough water to compensate for that kind of New Year's Eve drinking, I woke up this morning not really able to do much else besides puke and think about puking.

It was an awesome party.

Sitting on the couch with two slices of cold and untouched toast aside a single fried egg, a glass of Ginger Ale beside a much bigger glass of water, and a trash can to save me the indignity of sticking my head into a toilet, I was looking for something - anything - to take my mind off of the fact that I had spent the entire night before recreationally poisoning myself.

I started at around 1pm. It's now past 10, and I'm almost on season 3. Infer from that what you will.

The show centers around a paper plant office in Scranton, Pa., and the premis, so far as there is one, is that this office is being recorded by a film crew. The crew doesn't say anything, nor do we ever see the film crew, despite the many camera angles that are used for any given scene. The office workers talk to the film crew in small interviews that give context to the events taking place, but nobody else they interact with in locations outside of the office ever look at the camera or ask about why these totally normal people are being followed by a cameraman. Or, rather, several cameramen who are supernaturally good at staying out of each other's shots.

It's often genuinely funny, but for every two laughs there's one cringe. There are office pranks that any real office would scoff at, and there are office comments that would get the speaker in any real office fired.

It's not a show I'm certain I'll see to the end on purpose. Don't get me wrong, It's extremely watchable and since every episode is only 20 minutes long, it's quick to get through and not particularly dense content-wise.

But if I'd had anything to do today but be sick and think about being sick, it would have gone unwatched again. The Office is a rainy day show. It's great if you just want to couch-out and turn your brain off. It's fun, it's funny, and it's excusably dumb.

It's a reason to look forward to being hung-over.

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