The One Time Trump Tells the Truth and It’s About Santa Claus

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On Christmas Eve Donald Trump, a dumb guy in an inexplicable position of power and influence, made waves and sparked reprisal when he asked a seven-year-old girl if she still believed in Santa Claus while speaking to children on the NORAD line – the site that monitor’s Santa’s progress around the world.

While it is inarguably moronic to ask a child who specifically called the Santa line if they believe in Santa, I find I can’t lay this blunder entirely on the shoulders of the Donald. Instead, I would say that at least half the blame goes on the shoulders of the girl’s parents. Firstly, for putting their daughter on the phone with Donald Trump and expecting that he wouldn’t say something stupid or awful. Secondly, for continuing to lie to their kid about the existence of Santa Claus.

I don’t mean to come off as a humbug. Faith is grand, fairytales are fun, and people shouldn’t give up on their sense of wonder once they turn twelve. But if you don’t want to run the risk of having the fragile lie of a magic fat guy who breaks into your house once a year to topple like a house of cards during one conversation with a blithering idiot, don’t spend your child’s formative years setting them up to realize that you’re a liar who can’t be trusted. And don’t be mad at the very broken president for the one time he opens his mouth and the truth unexpectedly, tactlessly, dribbles from his lips like the black goo in a Japanese horror film

Don’t let Donald Trump ruin your kid’s childhood. Tell them the truth about Santa.

President Trump asks 7-year-old if she still believes in Santa Claus

The moment happened while the president and first lady answered calls from kids.

No, Virginia, There Isn't a Santa Claus

For all of the Trump Administration’s blathering about the War on Christmas, I can’t help but think the war is coming from inside the house. And by house, I mean the White House, a magical place filled with unlit blood trees and a president who suggests to small children that Santa might not be real.

 ( source: Fox News )

Fox News


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