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The Other Kobe Bryant Helicopter Victims Identified and Remembered

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It’s often easy when a horrific tragedy happens to a lot of people and one of those affected is a celebrity to overlook the lesser known people. The mass population of people get preoccupied by the loss of a figure in pop culture that we know so well and are too far removed from the people they don’t know that those people’s pain and grief can feel over shadowed.

This is a reminder that while losing Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna is truly a horrible tragedy and a loss, another family lost loved one’s too that day, even if you didn’t know them.

When the crash happened Kobe and his daughter were on their way to one of his daughter’s travel basketball games. In addition to these two, the helicopter accident included the head basketball coach of Orange Coast College, John Altobelli, along with his daughter Alyssa, who played basketball with Gianna, and his wife, Keri. In addition to these loses, the pilot Ara Zoybayan lost his life, as well as mother and daughter Payton and Sarah Chester. Payton was another one of Gianna’s teammates.

Remember to hug and to tell the important people in your life you love them. Remember that life can be unexpectedly short, so enjoy every moment of it that you get. And remember that people lose their lives every day, innocent people who deserved better. They have every right to be thought and prayed about as Kobe Bryant and his daughter do.

Find out more about the families affected here!

*Image from article above, taken from the an Anatolli family member's Facebook page. I do not own this image, but wanted to make sure I spread some of the faces of the other people affected by this tragedy.*