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The Path of The Phoenix

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In mythology, the Phoenix is a large, colorful bird that lives for centuries or even millennia. When it dies, in a fire that it creates itself, it rises anew from the ashes. For this reason in particular, the Phoenix is a revered creature, often associated with time, immortality, rebirth/resurrection, and the circle of life.

Which are You? Victim or Phoenix?

Any enlightened person will tell you that the only beasts of the world we can tame are the beasts that live within ourselves.

Assuming that our youth followed a linear progression, and generalizing on that when we were young, we were smooth-faced and had more time we knew what to do with. We had physical strength too. But what we didn’t realize then is that the smoothness of our skin and the physical strength we had were not things we earned. Instead, those were gifts given to us by Mother Nature. It just happened.

That’s worth repeating, wouldn’t you say?

We didn’t realize that the smoothness of our skin and the physical strength we had were not things we earned. Instead, those were gifts given to us by Mother Nature.

Those gifts served a purpose, specifically, to procreate.

“Oh very young what will you leave us this time?“ — Cat Stevens

Growing old, like youth, is something that just happens. Again, a gift from Mother Nature. But with growing older, our physical strength begins to wane. And what can we do? We can hit the gym and try to keep up but we can do even more to augment it by achieving spiritual strength.

Let’s phrase that right: Mother Nature does not endow us with spiritual strength, that my friends, has to be earned.

How do we earn it then?

Often times spiritual strength is earned through accumulated suffering. Before you go crying, that it’s not fair, let me tell you what I’ve learned: this is not spiteful. In fact, this is part of Mother Nature’s well thought out plan.

See Mother Nature knows that it’s not physical strength that we need to carry us over the threshold of emotional pain; to transcend that we need spiritual strength.

Every writer has heard the phrase: you cannot edit a blank page. Right? Likewise, we cannot transform challenges into blessings if we have nothing major happened in our life yet.

In our young years when arrogance and self-righteous thoughts ruled us, we were all green behind the ears. As mature people, we’ve seen enough to instinctively fall on our knees in humility, compassion, and reverence.

And this my friends is the lesson: our internal strength is what will be humanity’s most important source of our redemption.

At Midlife, it’s not physical strength that we need for the incline, it’s the internal spiritual strength — better yet, the incredible lightness of spiritual strength — that we need to continue going UP.

That’s the reason why it’s imperative that we discard of baggage that holds us back. Going up we need to travel lighter, our souls demand it. It’s the only way. Going up we hope to work in the field of consciousness.

And one more thing, because we’re going higher in consciousness, we’re going about it slower (something that’s hard to grasp when we’re young). But watch it, going slower doesn’t mean we’re doing less; we’re doing more. How so, you ask? Well, we’re going in slower because we’re going in deeper, contemplating each step, and we’re reseeding the consciousness of our planet.

So you see how it’s not spiteful of mother nature? There is a balance here. Physical strength in the young; spiritual strength in the old.

Incidentally, I told you that growing old just happens, growing wise, not so. It’s my sincere prayer that we strive to be wiser. We owe it to Mother Nature and our children to try.

This last question brings me full circle with my title. Which path will you choose to follow? The path of the victim or the path of the Phoenix?

“Oh very young what will you leave us this time?“

Cat Stevens
soaring like a Phoenix  ( source: Unsplash; Darius Bashar  )

soaring like a Phoenix

Unsplash; Darius Bashar