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The Pet Health Scare That Isn't So Scary

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I once had a dog (she's gone now, but lived to a ripe old age) that suddenly began tilting her head, walking in a circle, and falling over. "Great," we thought, "she definitely had a stroke." But as it turns out, there was almost nothing wrong with her at all. The vet came back with a suggestion for us: idiopathic vestibular disease.

I didn't know it, but the vestibular system controls balance in a body. When it gets out of whack, it can cause the symptoms my dog had, and even vomiting with no apparent cause. There's no test for it, and here's the big kicker: it just... goes away.

Yeah! In about a week or two, the symptoms stop showing. Provided that there are no other signs of s bigger problem, like a tumor or infection, the animal just miraculously heals. As it was explained to me, the condition is sometimes "geriatric onset," meaning that it begins when the dog is old. And that was exactly it: my dog was just old!

If your pet is exhibiting symptoms like this, it's worth asking your vet about!

Photo: Pixabay